Lost Keys, Found Frustrations: FIDO2's Design Dilemma

FIDO2, while laudable in its intent, falls short when it comes to user convenience and practicality. The protocol’s reliance on unique hardware tokens introduces a significant point of failure for users.

Single File Applications With Svelte

Building Single File Applications using Svelte In the dynamic and ever-evolving landscape of web development, efficiency and simplicity often make the difference between a good project and a great one.

Building Slim OCI Images Using Python+Poetry

Motivation poetry is a great library for Python packaging and dependency management. In particular, it protrudes with its exhaustive dependency resolution algorithm.

Configuring and securing SSH jumphosts

Introduction SSH natively provides the ability to forward sockets, though in the following we focus on network sockets. Using SSH, users can pull a port from a remote host (ssh -L .

Accessing Hotspots on Linux

Accessing open wireless access points (aka hotspots) on Linux can sometimes be a pain. Depending on the network configuration of the system, captive portal autodetection might not work, custom DNS may mess up automatic redirects or HSTS presents you with obscure security warnings.

Forcing Docker Traffic Through Wireguard

Update 2022-04-21 (TLDR; just give me something that works) After an email from an interested reader, it feels like leaving my notes for a simple working configuration here may come in helpful for others as well.

Routing all traffic via a VPN using openconnect

I recently had to connect to my university’s VPN to get access to statistics by statista. I connected using openconnect, an Open Source Cisco-Anyconnect-Compliant VPN software.

Data analysis around Jelly Party

The Status Quo Jelly Party currently features ~5000 active users. While growth has been small during August, Winter is coming and with it, growth returns.

Introducing Jelly-Party

When Covid-19 first struck Germany, I decided to get prepared for a longer quarantine by picking a project from my things-the-world-might-need list.

Multi-threaded web scraping with Python

Some websites don’t have the time, resources or (economic) interest to expose public APIs. Yet, sometimes you still need to extract structured data from them.

Wi-Fi Security — Evil Twin Attacks

Ever since I started playing around with the infamous aircrack-ng suite, I had a certain interest in Wi-Fi1 Security. I cracked my own Wi-Fi several times using dictionary attacks, but soon felt bored by the mechanic process of simply using a couple of shell commands.

About Operating Systems

I’ve recently studied (UNIX/POSIX/Linux-like) Operating Systems (OSes) and followed an excellent lecture by Prof. Chester Rebeiro. In this article I intend to summarize the main concepts behind OSes.

An introduction to awk

Every Linux user has, at some stage, used some strange script from the internet that contained this awk command (and, contrary to what he or she knows to be right, he or she didn’t really look at said script before executing it with root privileges.

Building an 8 bit computer on a breadboard

Following the terrific online course FromNand2Tetris that I previously wrote an article about, I decided to commit to Ben Eater’s Youtube Series, in which he builds a fully functioning 8-bit computer from mere logic gates and 74LS series chips, on a breadboard.

An AI-powered smart workout App

In 2017/2018, I was studying in China for a year for a Masters degree in Industrial engineering. Towards the end of the degree, we were told that we could propose any topic for our final Mini thesis.

What Nand2Tetris Has Taught Me About Computers, and, More Importantly, About Learning

This text is about one of the greatest online courses I have taken (and I have taken many) — FromNand2Tetris constitutes a course in which you build both the hardware and software layers of a functioning computer — this journey comprises of the (virtual) implementation of the entire hardware circuitry, a compiler for a high level object oriented programming language and an operating system.

DIY air quality sensor: A dockerized minimal web interface for SDS011

Two weeks ago, with New Year’s Eve (and its pollution levels) around the corner, I was given a nova PM sensor (SDS011) by my granddad (pretty cool granddad, right?